Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Woah. Playing catch up is going to be a doozy.

*deeeeeeeeep breath* Holy cow, I've neglected this blog. I even forgot about it. Now we have three kids. Boys. Probably not going to have any more kids. Ouch. That hurts to type. We bought a home. I love it. I love the idealistic vision I have for it too, but I love it mostly now because we're all in it. Most of my record-keeping and memory-recording take place on facebook and via the emails I set up for each of the boys. If I could just ==pause== life for like three days, I'd love to get everything organized and wonderful for each son, but maybe that's what I get to do when they're grown. I hope. Jack is attending a charter school. He's adjusting, but the days are long. He has always been beloved to me, but nothing like NOW, since I say goodbye to him at 8 a.m. and don't see him again until 3 p.m. It's painful for both of us. I wish school was more efficient and was a half day no matter how old you are. Because I think it would be possible. Seven hours is a long time to be away from home when you're 6 years old. Jack is so big. Tall, lanky, gap-toothed as his two front teeth barrel through the small space to nudge and force their way front and center. He has a good sense of humor, is anal-retentive (dunno where he gets that from. seriously, it's both of us.), apologizes quickly, thinks creatively and constructively. He is amazing and I just want to cuddle with him, although it's hard because the kid is all sinew and bone. Hunter is my looooooove. His heart is ten sizes bigger than his own being. He cares, feels, loves so deeply. He ugly cries when he is disappointed. Everything is about whether it is "fair" in regards to Jack. But sometimes he exhibits such amazing understanding and compassion for others. He is charming, thoughtful, silly, and has crazy laughing eyes. I can't believe he is mine. He takes endless (and I mean ENDLESS)abuse from Wyatt as he constantly tries to love on him and Wyatt tries to pummel him. Yes, I had another child! Wyatt is a vivacious, passionate boy of 18 months. He is loud, silly, and has a very strong will. He slaps me sometimes just to gauge my reaction. He is fearless. He can outshout everyone in our house. He "gives loves" after he hits you, which I guess I try to treasure as a trade off. John and I will be married 10 years in July. God, that's a long time. Long and WONDERFUL, of course. ;) Enough for tonight. At least I got something down here.