Friday, May 28, 2010

Random thoughts

I love Indian food. And Greek food. Okay part of that is because the Indians have raita and naan and the Greeks have hummus and tzatziki and pita bread. And there's nothing people love more than taking one thing, dipping it in something creamy and lovely and then eating it. Mmmmmmmmm. Yes.

I think if my pregnancy could have a voice, it would say, "More fruit and dairy please." I don't really want meat or veggies (unless cleverly concealed in dairy, such as tzatziki or raita). I just tried making myself a salty lassi, which is basically a slightly savory yogurt drink, with a little mint from my hanging-in-there mint plant and cilantro from the fridge. It wasn't fantastic, but it was dairy, so I liked it alright. It's s'posed to be good for digestion. Yay, digestion.

Weaning of the binky has begun. Which means I am hearing a litany of "Beeta beeta beeta beeta mama beeta!" every time he thinks about it. I'm trying to keep it just for naps and bedtime, but he's used to using it when he watches a show on TV or rides in the car, so this may not be easy. However I can see his two top teeth turning in slightly and, well, they don't make then bigger than the mouth of an 18 month old so it's starting to look ridiculous with the corners of his mouth peeking out the sides. He looks adorable when he uses it, but it "gotsta go."

School is out! Yay! I could be depressed at the lack of money that will swiftly ensue, but that's a downer, so I'm celebrating a chance to exercise more frequently, eat better and play with Jack! (Oh and clean and such, but no one wants to talk about that.)

We planted corn and it's not growing. Who can't grow corn? It's like grass.... Poop.

There are a bunch of baby sparrows jammed in our porch light in a nest, with mama hurriedly escaping every time we try to enter or exit the house. So we don't use the porch light so we don't burn their baby eyes forever. (I'm guessing blind birds are not going to be the fittest that survive.)

My sisters are awesome and work so hard at their respective colleges! I'm so proud of both of them! Theresa and Liz, you kick ass!

Only a few more days till I see Dr. Kurian. That's good. Then I can finally find out how much weight I've packed on with all this eating 'cause we don't own a scale. What a weird thing to celebrate, but who wants to own a scale anyway? I don't need that kind of pressure.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fourteen weeks already!

Journaling v. Blogging

It feels like a long time since I have recorded anything here. When I was pregnant with Jack I kept a Word document on my computer and filled it with thoughts and fears, excitement and worry about everything that is pregnancy, birth and beyond. I eventually tapered off that journal and I'm sad about that. Why would my pregnancy and birth seem more important, more signficant, than today, when he is 2 years old and dances vigorously to any music at the end of any sitcom we watch?

I have always treasured the concept of keeping a journal, writing in one, yet I can type much much faster than I write, so I simply don't keep a written journal. I wonder what our kids will appreciate when they're older, even in the ever-advancing technological age we're in. Will my children be glad that I typed up my thoughts so they can read it on a screen someday? Will they be sad that they don't have something tangible to hold beyond whatever they might send through the printer--the information old but the paper new and without a feeling of history? I know I would have loved to read journals from my grandparents, my parents, but journaling is not that common. Blogging, thankfully, is, so I hope and pray that my musings are treasured somehow by the ones I love later, as long as Blogger exists!

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Sorry for the tangent, I get distracted easi--"SQUIRREL!" (Loved that movie.)--ly these days. I am 14 weeks along today! Yay! I am in the second trimester, which doesn't yet feel any different than the first trimester in an alleviation of symptoms, but I feel fatter, so that's new. LOL It's more of a fullness than anything.

I still get morning sickness, often brought on in the wee hours of the night when my DARLING son wakes up crying, saying "Mama? Da--y? (he leaves the double d's out) Door?" then proceeds to just lie (lay? I can never remember) there, eyes open, watching my every move.

Last night, after sitting there a good half hour, trying to patiently endure stretches of silence only to see him rustle or turn over or pick his head up to see that I am still at my post, I managed to crawl, sloth-like, out of the room and use a finger placed gingerly between the carpet and the door to close the door an inch at a time. Then I had to go the kitchen to pig out on hummus (JOY!!!) and pita bread with a chaser of apple juice. Which didn't do the trick and so my amazing husband got me a ginger ale out of the garage about twenty minutes later. (John, you are amazing. Really. Muah!)

So the morning sickness isn't gone. I find it inextricably tied to my body's great idea of being hungry every half hour. No joke. Eating has always been a pasttime of mine, but now it is a full-time job. Almonds, yogurt, cheese, oranges, bananas, graham crackers, hummus (JOY!), strawberries, and cereal. All the time. I have failed to incorporate any leafy greens, which I really need to do. And more whole grains. And less corn syrup, for crying out loud!


This is my last week of work, which is terrifying on the financial aspect of things--summer seems long without money--but we have saved a little and hope that a little stretches to a lot magically. I know God cares for us and has always managed to pull us through using many resources (and parents), so I'm trying not to dwell on that. Plus, the summer allows me to take care of this baby, possibly (fingers crossed) introduce the potty to and eliminate the binky from Jack's daily routine. And I want to experiment with making more things myself and buying less processed/sugared up foods. Should be cheaper too if I don't go crazy, right?

Littlest Love

My baby is the size of a lemon.

Littlest one, I try so hard to stay still, hoping I can feel you even though I know it's not time yet. It is weird for your brother to be out of me and you to be in me and I don't even know you or who you are! But God knows just who you are and who you'll be, and I'm honored to be part of His plan for you--what a big job for Mommy and Daddy!

I can't wait to see whether you're a boy or girl, can't wait to seriously think of names, can't wait to feel your growing arms and legs move about inside me! I love being pregnant and I'm already growing to love you more and more each day! You are a great surprise, a great blessing, a great addition to this family. I praise God for you!